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Take charge of your real estate investments with the Carleton Sheets® Real Estate ToolKit® ! With this innovative software, you’ll be able to:

Analyze numbers and project profit and a positive cash flow on a property.
Keep track of tenants’ payment histories and vital information.
Manage properties with a portfolio of real estate forms.
“Run the numbers” for your clients before even showing them the property.
And much more!

Seasoned real estate investors have been using the ToolKit for years to improve cash flow from their investments, perform analyses and projections, crunch numbers quickly and easily, and discover a property's accurate value. But the ToolKit does so much more—it helps keep track of investment properties, allows you to determine profitability within minutes, and saves time and money in managing your properties. In addition, the ToolKit enables you to adjust and print the real estate forms you need to become a successful real estate investor.

Brokers and agents—stay ahead of your competition! Understand the mindset of your clients and make expert recommendations based on the numbers with the Carleton Sheets Real Estate ToolKit.

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