Pricing Your Home to Sell DVD (by David Knox)
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Have you ever had this happen...
The owners are ready to list...then they say, "Another agent said he/she could get us more." or "We need to get $10,000 more."

Now what do you do: spend time trying to overcome objections, take the listing at their price or walk away? Why not let them watch this powerful video and get the listing...priced right. Pricing Your Home to Sell DVD by David Knox, is loaded with charts, visuals and friendly dialogs that will address all of your sellers' pricing objections. This video has helped countless real estate agents, like you, turn "for sale" into "sold." It provides answers to objections like:

 "Couldn't we just try it for a couple of weeks?"
 "We can always come down."
"They can always make an offer."

The few minutes spent encouraging sellers to watch this video will be rewarded with a faster sale. It's also the best way to get price reductions on current listings.

Other pricing videos have come and gone and some are still around, but this is THE ONE, THE ORIGINAL, THE BEST! It's the pricing video everybody talks about. In just 19 minutes your sellers will be convinced to list with you—at the right price!

The DVD running time is 19 minutes. Includes English and Spanish subtitles.

About the Author:
David Knox, CSP has built an international reputation as a top sales trainer and keynote presenter in the real estate industry. As an authority on pricing, negotiating and selling, he presents his seminars to more than 20,000 salespeople a year.  David has been in the real estate industry for over 30 years as a salesperson, branch manager, training director and speaker.  His company, David Knox Productions, is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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