Lead Mastery (Dirk Zeller/Real Estate Champions)
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What would life be like if you were a Lead Master? Imagine having systems in place and scripts to use that would help you capture, assess, qualify, and follow-up with leads. In this program, Dirk Zeller reveals his time-tested (by literally 1000s of Agents) and field proven lead systems. Complete with scripts, dialogues, forms, checklists, letter templates and more. You’ll have all you need to become a Lead Master and SAVE thousands of hours with leads that used to waste your time.


What’s in this five CD series for you?

Lead Qualification System With 81 Proven & Tested Lead Scripts

Complete Lead Categorization & Assessment System (with forms and checklists)

Prospect Inventory System

Complete Voicemail Script System for Prospects

15 Killer Follow-Up Letter Templates

Prospect Interview Worksheets

4 Audio CDs Of Training

1 CD Workbook Full Of Tools You Can Use


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About Dirk Zeller and Real Estate Champions:

Dirk Zeller is President of Real Estate Champions. He is recognized as the premier coach for the real estate industry. Dirk has developed a system that takes "regular" Agents and "regular" Managers and transforms them into Champion Agents and Managers. Real Estate Champions coaching systems are built around Dirk's incredible success as one of the Top Agents in all of North America.

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