Convert & Commit the Buyer...Everytime! (Dirk Zeller/Real Estate Champions)
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With the vast majority of agents in North American doing more transactions on the buyer side than the seller side, we need to now make sure that we are converting on every possibility we have in the marketplace. Every viable lead that is created must be converted to income producing closed transactions.

Most agents are challenged by buyer prospects who are unwilling to use them exclusively. This program will solve the key pieces of Agent problems with buyers, conversion and commitment.

This five CD program will help you learn:
How to convert the buyer on the first call
Advanced conversion techniques to drive them to commit
Value building tactics customized for YOUR client’s mind
Effective presentation techniques at a commitment meeting
How to guarantee long-term commitment

Tools to get them to sign an Exclusive Represent Agreement now!

About Dirk Zeller and Real Estate Champions:
Dirk Zeller is President of Real Estate Champions. He is recognized as the premier coach for the real estate industry. Dirk has developed a system that takes "regular" Agents and "regular" Managers and transforms them into Champion Agents and Managers. Real Estate Champions coaching systems are built around Dirk's incredible success as one of the Top Agents in all of North America.

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