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The Facts About Mold (Digital Download)
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The Facts About Mold is an informational guide created by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA). This quick reference is useful for agents to help answer questions from prospective homeowners and tenants about mold that agents should not attempt to answer on their own.

The publication is a general information guide that educates clients and others about the basics of mold, what to do if mold is discovered, and when to call a professional. It is appropriate for current and prospective homeowners and tenants, and is a useful tool for agents, property managers and anyone else with questions about mold.

The Facts About Mold includes the following information:

Describes, in very basic terms, what mold is and what can cause it to grow indoors.
Provides suggestions on preventing mold from growing indoors.
Lists reasons for concern if mold is allowed to grow indoors.
Discusses how mold can affect people and who is most likely to have a reaction to it if it is present indoors.
Distinguishes between facts and myths regarding mold and its impact on a property and its occupants.
Provides some information on what to do if mold is discovered in the home and when it’s necessary to contact a professional.
Provides resources for consumers to locate additional information on mold.
Includes a glossary of terms designed to help users better understand the technical terms they have seen used regarding mold.

NAR also offers A Guide to Mold, Moisture and Your Home, a related product created by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This informative guide educates consumers with a mold problem about why mold develops in the home, general recommendations for removing it and ways to prevent it from returning.

Please see the following comparison guide to understand the differences between The Facts About Moldand A Guide to Mold, Moisture and Your Home: Mold Guide Comparison Chart

Physical version sold in packages of five (5) units.

For the Digital Download version.: This download will be delivered immediately (upon checkout) after order to your My Account Digital Download section of the the REALTOR® Store.  You will not receive anything physically.

For additional information on the topic of mold, view the following link:

Mold: Important Information for REALTORS®

Go to NAR's REALTOR University to access the following online courses related to The Facts About Mold:

Mold: Fact, Fiction and Liability

Radon, Lead and Mold: Issues in Real Estate

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