A Strange Path to Freedom
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Have you ever said yes when you should have said no, especially in your workplace and to someone you thought was trustworthy?

Holly Pasut, widow a single mother of three children, was a nationally recognized real estate agent on a booming market. Then she said yes to something that landed her in a federal prison. A Strange Path to Freedom shares slices of Holly’s prison life through her quirky and often spiritual lens, as well as the wisdom she gained from the experience.

Holly spent time in a literal physical prison. But people erect figurative, mental prisons around themselves all the time. Her stories offer a guide for others to free themselves from negative thoughts and emotions that locked them in. And they offer a cautionary tale for navigating ethical choices in the workplace.

Here are the key features/topics covered: 

  • Lessons learned from Federal Prison.

  • Understanding critical thinking errors.

  • Recognizing your inner voice and changing your mindset.

About the Author: 

Holly is a certified volunteer for several ministries and second chance organization,

and has served many years as a volunteer life group leader at her church. She is a

loving mother to three adult children who inspire her on a daily basis. Quiet earlymorning meditations are part of her spiritual regime, along with regular workouts and long walks, and she is easily distracted by music.

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