Generations, Inc. From Boomers to Linksters--Managing the Friction Between Generations at Work
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Members of each generation share special signposts: collective experiences that influence our expectations, actions, and mind-sets. They also mold our ideas about company loyalty, work ethic, and the definition of a job well done. And now that five different generations are working together simultaneously—from Traditionals to Generation Y and beyond—it’s even more important to understand where everyone’s coming from.

Generations, Inc. provides realistic strategies for all those managers, executives, and employees seeking to coexist, flourish, and thrive together…at the same time and includes topics on: 

  • Addressing conflicts
  • Forging alliances with coworkers from other generations
  • Getting people with disparate values and idiosyncratic styles to work together
  • Running productive meetings in which all participants find value in each others’ ideas

About the Author


Written by two generational experts—who happen to be father and daughter—Generations, Inc. offers the perspectives of people of different eras, eliciting practical insights on wrestling with generational issues in the workplace. MEAGAN JOHNSON is is known as a "Generational Humorist" and challenges her audiences to think differently and act decisively when dealing with multiple generations.Since 1997 Meagan has entertained and educated thousands of audience members about how to make the most of the five generations found in today’s workplace. LARRY JOHNSON is a corporate culture expert and professional speaker.


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